Surfer Life’s goal is to bring to life the voice of all surfers. Podcasting is a medium ripe with benefits for folks that want to reach a broad audience. Three out of the top five podcasts downloaded in 2013 were storytelling podcasts. They feature passionate people telling interesting and exciting stories from the heart. The goal of the Surfer Life Podcast is to expand this storytelling genre into the more specific field of surfing. We want to entertain our fellow surfers with stories they can listen to while commuting, traveling, working, etc. However, at Surfer Life, we only personally know so many people. We reach out to individuals, seeking passionate people who want to share their own interesting stories. In return those contributors benefit in a plethora of ways.

Valuable benefits include the ability to expand your vision, spread your ideas, and serve individuals who listen to you at their own convenience. The Surfer Life Podcast gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to spread those ideas on a global scale. Publicity through the Surfer Life Podcast allows you to inform and educate new and existing listeners and readers, reach a broad audience of audio learners and demonstrate leadership within your industry and geographic location. Podcasts are an excellent way to find detailed information online. It relates to areas of personal interest in a proactive fashion. A simple search for “Surfing” on itunes or other RSS outlets would bring the listening public to the Surfer Life Podcast that can feature your story, vision or opinion. There are no traditional limitations where podcasting is concerned. You can receive the Surfer Life Podcast on a variety of digital devices including cellphones, tablets, laptop computers, and so on.

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